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Wilderness Wear Australia is a one-of-a-kind company. We have many competitors, yet there is nothing quite like us. (Nobody else comes close, in fact.)

We are the only Australian company that designs and self-manufactures premium level outdoor clothing at internationally recognised standards – for ecological conscience, material content, functionality and style – supporting a discerning, worldwide community of people dedicated to outdoor pursuits.

It is a constantly developing company, although one thing has never changed: The Wilderness Wear range is produced for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. So, when we are not designing, testing, manufacturing or marketing our lines, we are out there using them. Yes, we practice what we preach. (Or, maybe we just hate leaving work behind on a Friday afternoon?!) 

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Get an arrival time you can count on.
Drive like a local with our advanced routing technology that predicts the traffic as you plan your trip. Real-time updates keep your arrival time accurate as you drive, so you can relax and enjoy your time in the driver’s seat.