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Phuket, a rainforested, mountainous island in the Andaman Sea, has some of Thailand’s most popular beaches, mostly

situated along the clear waters of the western shore.

The island is home to many high-end seaside resorts, spas and restaurants. Patong, the main town, has a more casual vibe and is filled with wild nightclubs, bars and discos. Explore further and you will find a truly magical place with so much to do and see.

Getaway to Phuket Thailand

Rome, Italy is waiting for you

Rome, Italy’s capital, is a sprawling, cosmopolitan city with nearly 3,000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture on display.

Ancient ruins such as the Roman Forum and the Colosseum evoke the power of the former Roman Empire.

Vatican City, headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, boasts St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums,

which house masterpieces such as

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes.

Public parks and nature reserves cover a large area in Rome, and the city has one of the largest areas of green space among European capitals

Oahu is an island in the mid-Pacific, part of the Hawaiian island chain and home to the state capital, Honolulu.

Highlights of the city include historic Chinatown; the Punchbowl, a crater-turned-cemetery; and Waikiki, the iconic beach, dining and nightlife area.

West of Honolulu is Pearl Harbor, site of the 1941 bombing attack and home to the USS Arizona Memorial.

Hawaiian Beauty or USA Splendour

Paris, France's capital, is a major European city and a global centre for art, fashion, gastronomy & culture.

Its picturesque 19th-century cityscape is crisscrossed by wide boulevards and the River Seine.

Beyond such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, the city is known for its cafe culture, and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

European Delicacies

Europe is a continent that comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia.

Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea

to the south

Tapas go back a long way in Spanish history. Some argue they were an invention of Spanish King Alfonso X ‘The Wise’, who took small portions of food with a glass of wine between meals. The more widely accepted theory is that tapas originated as a snack for field workers during the long hours between breakfast and lunchtime.

Tapas are meant to be a light appetiser between meals to help gulp down some wine or beer. No wonder the most popular times to go de tapeo for Spaniards is midday or during the evening before dinner time. This may surprise the thousands of tourists who have been sold a different concept back in their home countries, but there are many differences between these tapas restaurants and the real Spanish experience.

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